Ubiquitous Space Movie Trap Joke / DEATH EVENTS


This is a trap.  This is a trap that will likely kill someone first try.  Mechanically, it should be rather obvious, but just in case: this platform appears as if the rest of the floor, but not quite.  A sword is stabbed into this dubiously innocuous floor, and it is shining in the torchlight.  Quiet magic may be involved or maybe just physics, but the sword has stapled the platform (precariously) to the very tip   If the sword is removed the platform will teeter towards whichever side is heaviest, dumping the slow to react or very heavy into something terrible.  Maybe the platform is weighed in such a manner that it will right itself after much teetering.  The sword is only worth 5gp, and is made of cheap brass.

In fantasyland role playing games there is not often a meaning in death and those deaths are frequent and maybe that is why they have no meaning.  The meaning doesn’t have to be deep, but something interesting has room to happen there.  Jessup the Strong Fighter rolls all ones and is suddenly taking a dirt nap, and while a new character is being rolled all of Jessup’s compatriots are bickering about who gets her shit.  Through her death, something weird is happening.

When a player dies in this trap (or dies, at all) there are a number of any random things that can happen between her death and rolling a new character.  There are six of them now, and I will expand the list with more traps as the blog cures and vintages.  They are called DEATH EVENTS.


01. In a distant realm of some other existence and unknown to the PC, she is a household name and hero; an everyman on a quest.  Every moment of her life has been the subject of an all day scrying.  The leaders of that existence have broadcast her exploits in scrying pools through their world and her death has caused a tumult of moaning and mourning. Roll 1d6; even results mean the people of that realm will forget the PC.  An odd result means that the voyeur race will transcend realities to either collect the body or resurrect her.

02. She was an accidental and unknowing martyr and we will miss her.  All creatures with the same alignment get +1 HD for 1d100 days.

03. The unique stench of her corpse is attracting a line of ants.  These ants are not normal; they will constantly try to fetch the corpse to their anthill many miles away.  Their queen ant is the only creature to be born with the same TRUE NAME as the PC and by consuming the flesh of her twin, she will become that PC but will be able to naturally attract far more retainers.  No other instance of twin TRUE NAMES exists or this isn’t a very bitchin’ mechanic.

04. The PC’s mother will dream that night of her daughter’s embarrassing demise and wake up dead with grief.  As the last thing the mother said to her daughter was anything but a confession of love, the mother will return as a ghost and haunt the party.  She is not dangerous but will constantly nag the party about the last days of her daughter’s life.

05. As a result of piss poor breeding practices, the PC was a carrier of an upsetting concoction of fungal infections.  The infections lay sleeping on a genetic level until this very moment and in death she has become immediately swollen and will continue to swell until her corpulent body erupts as if a shit volcano.  The explosion sends a disgusting mix of gore and pus and body fluids in each of the known directions to the tune of 20 feet. Volitant pus causes 1d4 damage to bare skin. When the violence settles, a single giant mushroom, sized proportionally to the size of the PC, has grown instantaneously from the remaining morsels of the corpse.  This mushroom will cause a great deal of poison damage if fucked with.  And hallucinations.  Don’t fuck with the mushrooms in the dungeon.

06. In her death throws, the PC has released a djinn from confinement.  This djinn has been trapped in for eons in the bodies of the deceased’s ancestors by means of the father’s line.  He will grant the nearest creature any single wish within reason (as judged by the residing officer).  Sadly, this freed genie cannot return the dead PC to life.  Any request as such will result in the djinni refusing to grant any wish, as her resurrection would result in his continued imprisonment.  That pisses him off.