Three Magic Swords Part One: Daddy’s Teeth


This is the first in a three part series of some magical swords.  Click the image to get a PDF for this one.  It has some flavor, etc.  Here is a snippet:


“Daddy was a goblin copper around low town in Riversplit. His favorite way to kill you if you got caught criminalizing was to slice yer head off yer fuckin’ neck. But Daddy was a bit taller than most of ‘em gobs and he’d slice yer head through yer mouth. Bad aim or somethin’. Let me tell you now, it takes more ‘an one blow to cut through half a man’s face. Daddy’s eyes’d grow bigger an’ bigger after each cut, and he’d laugh louder each time. Some people just like killin’. Anyways cuttin’ through all them jaws and bones and what have ya really did a beatin’ on his blade- it started to look just like his own janky rows of teeth. Them gobs don’t give two pig’s asses about their blades though, they just care about the violence.”