Haverston at Roll20Con



I was going to try to have this finished before today, but my workload for june is just way too damn high to work on personal projects. It is the WIP cover for an adventure that will be coming out sometime this month.

The adventure is called Haverston: The Village At The Middle Of The World and it is about a sleepy village in the middle of all worlds.

Friday, at 11:10PM CDT I will be running a portion of it for Roll20Con. I’ll be using the Sword & Backpack rules (adventure is system neutral) and as a thanks for “playtesting” everyone who plays will get a PDF copy of the adventure when i release it!

If you’re interested in playing, you can use the link here to join up:


If you’re not sure about Sword & Backpack, don’t worry! We will go through character creation and the rules and it will only take 5 minutes tops. I’m looking forward to it, suckers.

Sword & Backpack: Tiny Lil’ Book Edition!


IMG_1923You may have read that I am doing all that RPG stuff at the library this weekend.  I hacked up a kid friendly version of Sword & Backpack by Gabe Soria to fit on one single page to give out to the kids.  I’ll also be running a multitude of S&B games for kids and young adults all day, using these rules.  Each kid (up to like 150 kids) is going to get a booklet, and a d20!  How fun is that.  Hopefully we’ll get a bunch o kids into RPGs and off the hard, relentless Murfreesboro streets!  You can download the PDF of the rules right here.  Print it out front and back on a single page, cut the thing in half (hamburger style, you) and fold to two pieces in half.  Insert the bottom half into the top half, and stab some staples up in the spine and you got yourself a tiny little RPG!


I ended up changing the rules a bit to make them a little less ambiguous and a little bit more grounded.  For instance, you add 5 to your d20 rolls if it suits you.  Fighters get a d20+5 when attacking, wizards +5 when magicking, and rogues +5 when theifin’ around the dungeon.  Let me know what you think!  It is the first time I’ve “hacked” a thing.  There are some more pictures hiding beneath the read more link.




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