Stealing Shit From G+ and Making It Mine (Ours)



I was stuck at work, iced in.  I had a beer and started scrolling through google plus and I found a blog post from +Ben Trautman over at Lock, Stock, and a Bag of Dice about a septum piercing called a Bone Ward.  Thought I’d give it a go as an illustration.  This particular magical item is body jewelry made from bodies; it provides +2 versus poisons and disease.  The piecing causes 1d4 damage.  I like that.  Thanks Ben for the cool concept and permission to make it cool.  Anyways I drew it out with a pencil I found on the floor at the bar I work at, traced it with my nice pens then scanned it and traced it.  Then I hand-wrote the text, scanned it, colored it, etc.  Lots of fun.