Interesting Treasure: Key Ring

It has been quite some time since I have updated this thing.  I apologize.  The post-rock band I drum in has been pretty busy with a string of bullshit things to do like record a new demo and also play a couple of shows (re: PLUG).  Throw in some other shit like my kid and my wife and my job, and it leaves little room for fantasy land stuff.  Needless to say, here is something:


A KEY RING is a common magical ring. They are, in large cities, easy enough and cheap enough to purchase through any black market or smuggler’s stall. The use of such a ring while elementary, come with the thrill of medical crisis.

The rings appear innocuous and without luster; adorned on a dull metal band is the facsimile of a skeleton key. The key is merely ornamental as it has no bits to perform a bonafide unlocking. Within the band courses a magic that will transform the users finger into an actual skeleton key. The user need simply to don the ring, and touch (with the ringed finger) the keyhole associated with a warded lock.  Whichever finger the ring is worn will turn into the needed key briefly, before transforming back into a finger.


Unfortunately there is an uncertainty to the ring’s performance. As contained magic is unstable, use of this ring may potentially leave the users ring as permanently remodeled. Each tapping of use increases the ring’s chance of failing, and caution should be heeded. Many who successfully use the ring often use it once and sell it at first chance. In towns of great population it is not completely uncommon to meet someone who has several keys where fingers should be. Those people, however unlucky, are likely scoundrels and thieves.



COST: 2,100 GOLD
REQUIRES: Knowledge of arcane, magical, or thaumaturgic object use.  And a finger.

Wearer is granted entry into a locked door, box, chest, or otherwise any lock that has a keyhole. On use, the wearer gambles on permanent disfiguration.  Simply wear the the ring, touch the ringed finger to the targeted lock’s keyhole, and pray that you are not indefinitely mutated.  The finger will turn into the associated key for one round before returning to a normal, finger shape.  With the first use there is a 1 in 6 chance that the wearer’s finger becomes a key permanently. Each use increases the chance of failure by one. Each use after the fifth use runs a 50 percent chance of failure. Roll 1d6, evens are a success and odds are not.