Hex Kit Volume One: Fantasyland is finally here. Finally.

HEX KIT-page001Hex Kit Volume One: fantasyland is finally here.

Holy shit folks, it is finally available on DTRPG and Roll20.  This is the my first solo project to hit the market, and I couldn’t be more happy with the results.  If you’re coming here for the first time, Hex Kit was a summer long art project I took on in between map commissions.  The last two weeks of production though, I hit it super hard and the kit grew to double in size and scope.  I also only spent like 20 hours in those two weeks sleeping.  It is a collection of 1,000 hand drawn, hand painted hex tiles.  You use them to make your own hex maps! The purchase comes with both 200 DPI single tile files, and 600 DPI tile sheets for print quality maps.

I’ve spent so much time hyping this project up  I don’t even know what to say about it.

Like I said, it is a lot of hex tiles you can use to make your own maps.  It works best in GIMP or other photo editing software.  It also works really well in Roll20 if you don’t mind resizing things.  Which you have to anways because I think there is a resizing bug in their system right now.  I made some really dumb tutorial videos that you can watch to see how easy this thing is to use.  Here is the tutorial for GIMP and here is the tutorial for Roll20.

Before I talk about how this pack came to be, I want to thank a few people: my gal pal Shasta, who stayed up all night with me on a couple of occasions digitizing the art work and making sure I didn’t crash.  I want to thank Ross for putting together RPG Talk and everyone who hangs out in there; you guys are total babes who didn’t let me quit when I really should have just quit. Scott and Meredith over at DTRPG are also babes, they took my bug report seriously and made sure this project didn’t get lost because of it. If you’ve heard about Hex Kit, but don’t know me, that is probably thanks to Brad. I owe you some smooches brad.  Stellarwolf needs a big high five too, he was a voice of reason and support when it looked like I wouldn’t be able to bring support to Roll20, so if you’re using it there and you see him on the forums give him some love.  Also I want to thank Frank Ocean for releasing ‘Blond’ when he did, getting me through the tough times.

More info after the jump.

wutMaking Hex Kit

This is what Hex Kit looked like raw and dirty.  I found a stamp last spring that made perfect little hexes, with an area of about a sixteenth of an inch squared, and thick borders.  So what I did for hex kit is stamp the template down.  Then I would draw in the detail, then paint the background, and then I would trace the border with this broken micron pen I have.  Instead of a nice, solid felt tip, this pen came broken when I bought it from my local art store last summer.  The owner, Glenn, convinced me that it was the perfect pen for what I was working on at the time.  Glenn passed away as I was finishing up this project, so I’ll be pouring out a beer for him tonight.

Then each sheet was scanned and given some color correction.  The borders had the whites and greys burned off the sides to they would leave a shitty line when the blacks touched.  There are dynamic hexes, where the background is transparent so those hexes can sit on top of other tiles to add to a location instead of block a location.  For example, you can put a river tile down on a grass tile, and put a bridge icon over that river and it looks like total sex.  I also spent a few days making sure the color of the river would work on any terrain.  I tried to touch these digitally as little as possible, but each tile was separated and downsized to a smaller size for VTT support.  The color corrected sheets were then moved off onto the tile sheets.

I think the final tile count is just under 1,150 tiles.  That doesn’t include the 200 coastal tiles I chucked into the trash to be replaced by dynamic coasts.  Before they were green and blue, now they are blue ocean with transparent land so they can fit over any tile.  Before the project ended I probably painted closer to 2,500 hexes in all; most of which made it into the kit and some that were total garbage.  Some of that number was also me just testing colors and designs.  For every terrain type, the color you see now went through four or five revisions.

There is Not official Support for any map building software

Sorry dudes.  In the middle of the project it became pretty obvious that there isn’t anything on the market that could support Hex Kit.  I know I mentioned that the kit would be Hexographer compatible but there just wasn’t a way to make the two make out in a good way, and preserve the kit.  Plus GIMP is actually easier to use than any map making software I’ve ever touched.  That isn’t to say that some of the tiles may work in some programs, but I haven’t the faintest clue if it works with anything out there.  That also isn’t to say that support for some of the available softwares isn’t coming.

Commercial Use Licenses Are AVAILABLE

As of right now you can upgrade your DTRPG purchase of Hex Kit to a commercial license for an extra $40.00 USD.  You need to email me, and lets talk about it.  Suffice it to say, the commercial license gives you to right to use maps assembled with Kex Kit in your paid adventures.  If you are selling your adventure under the OGL you will have to designate the map as PRODUCT IDENTITY and if you use creative commons then you need to designate the maps as copyright and non transferable.  You also can’t use your commercial use license to sell Hex Kit as Hex Kit, or as stock art or tile sets.  Other than that it is pretty agreeable and cheap.  Email me about it and we’ll set you up hard.

More Hex Kit Is Coming!

I don’t plan to stop here, support for this project has been overwhelming and I will be releasing some updates and supplement packs soon enough.  Volume Two is also planned, and will be pulpy and sci fi themed.  The stronger sales are, the harder I will support Hex Kit.

Feel free to look me up on G+ or email me with your comments, questions, concerns, dick pics, or requests for Hex Kit related stuff.  Just don’t send dick pics.   I want to see everything you make!!





  • Sam_Monfort

    September 15, 2016 at 7:51 AM

    Hi Cecil, I love your hex kit–can we talk about a commercial license? If you send me a note (sam.monfort@gmail.com) we can discuss further. Thank you!

  • James_Bennett

    October 13, 2016 at 10:36 AM

    Hi Cecil,

    I purchased your Hex Kit on Roll20 and I love it. The art is beautiful. Thank you for that.

    I ran into a hitch though: the black lines obscure Roll20’s hex labels, and changing the labels to a lighter color also changes the color of Roll20’s hex borders, which clashes with the black hex borders on your tiles. I worked around this by importing the tiles I wanted into GIMP, desaturating and colorizing them. I think the result is quite lovely. Please contact me at jamescbennett@hotmail.com if you would like to see what I’ve done with/to your art. You know, in case that would inspire you to do the rest of the work for me (look, man, you made a LOT of tiles ;-) ).

    Thanks again!

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