Hex Kit Volume I is coming!

a small selection of tiles, working in roll20

I haven’t had a chance to update in a while; I’m sorry, okay!  I think it is pretty well known by now that I update my tumblr more than this website.  That is ’cause tumblr is a better platform for getting WIP pictures of projects out, and because I prefer to only show finished junk here if I can. As well, 99% of the maps I draw or paint are for commercial projects and I cannot just start sharing them willy nilly.  At any rate, here is a project I am working on: HEX KIT: VOL I

In the next two weeks, I will be releasing into the wild, 500+ hex tiles to use with roll20, yer printer, or your favorite imaging software (or even mapping software).  Each hex is unique and hand drawn.  You can see here a super small sampling of the offering, working in roll20.  When I say 500+ unique tiles it involves a lot of terrain options, as well as unique location markers.  For example, on the   image to the left there is 1 visible jungle tile, but there is actually 21 to choose from.  There are 42 mountains, 42 hills, etc.  It is a lot, and I think that the final hex count will be well past 500.  We’ll see.

This is a tall order!  But I wanted to wait until it was nearly done to share.  The hex tiles will be available on the roll20 market place for a small fee.  They will also be available on Drivethru RPG for a slightly larger fee.  The larger fee is because the DTRPG package will include print ready tiles as well as web ready tiles.  That basically means DTRPG will come with two files for each hex, a screen friendly version and a print ready version.

These tiles will be available for personal use only, but a commercial use license will be available the same day the kits go live.  Also coming that day:

– A video explaining how to use the tiles in roll20 (currently a bug resizes the things, but there is a simple workaround)
– A video explaining how to stitch these suckers together in GIMP (which is free image editing software)
– Something explaining how to use these in hexographer (which is apparently a hexmap making tool I just learned about today)
– A catalog PDF with all the tiles in it to help you pick out the right, most best lookin’ ones.
– Some sort of party where if more than 5 people buy this I will have a beer after my wife and kid go night-night.

I am pretty much stoked-as-shit for this project.  Here is a picture of what my desk looks like, covered in sheets of these tiles.




  • Martin Teply

    July 12, 2016 at 9:00 AM

    These look great! Make sure to let us know when they are available on DriveThru – you definitely have my order

    • cecil

      July 14, 2016 at 9:02 AM

      i plan to storm the internet and thoroughly annoy everyone with its availability!