Hell Is Gross AF.


13124667_1020539241365852_2246498226728772786_nI am probably not going to share the full version of this map publicly, but here is a snippet Robert Schwalb shared earlier…

It is a map of Hell from the upcoming ‘Exquisite Agony’ book for Shadow of the Demon Lord. Each skin thing represents a different location in Hell. The vibe I was going for in it was sort of like if a childish demon or devil made the thing and then had mommy sew it up for him.

The original piece was done edge to edge on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of real thing card stock paper. I used all the supplies! Markers, watercolor paints, crayons, colored pencils, fake blood, sepia and black inks, my fingers, and some collage stuff too. Like the broken sword tip: it looked pretty bad on the first pass so I redid it and glued the new one on top of the old one. I scanned it into GIMP and went: brightness -65, contrast +50, master hue +5, and master saturation -25. I also fudged an un-pictured area called The Scabby Blight, re drew it a bunch til I got it right, and added that in digitally.

I used research and thumbnails heavily on this one, and I can’t recommend enough to artists to use thumbnails.  I painted, scanned, and toyed with the skin easily 30 times before I decided on a look.  Same with most other sections.  I will say though, that I fuckin’ made myself sick to the stomach looking up some of the reference images a couple of times.