“…For The Children” – O.D.B.



Which is weird to me, because there is a free RPG day.  But they extended this opportunity to me, and I gladly accepted.  The RPG thing that I plan to put together is a zine of kid friendly RPG material.  And I want your help to beef it up and make it super cool.  I know this is short notice, but maybe you got a spare afternoon or even some old thing lying around.  Here is what’s up:

WHAT I NEED: I need content filling 20 to 32 pages worth of a kid friendly RPG zine.  Tables, short adventures, maps, ART, monsters, drop tables, etc.  Anything goes as long as it is appropriate for kids aged 8 to 15.  If it is something that would piss you off if your kid brought it home, please don’t send it!

WHEN I NEED IT: The deadline for submissions is Monday May 2nd, 2016.  “Holy crap Cecil, that is too close.”  I know, I am sorry, but I’ve actually been collecting content for over a month.  But I need more! More I say!!

GUIDELINE: All text submissions should be in basically any format other than PDF, doc and open office or whatever is fine, I have it all.  Art submissions should be 300 DPI minimum, and in black and white.  Acceptable file formats are TIFF, PNG, and if you really hate your art to look good then send a JPG.  Please no animated GIFs.

WHY ARE WE DOING YOUR WORK?:  You actually aren’t!  This zine is only a small part of what I’ll be doing on free comic book day at the library.  Myself and some buds will be running games of Sword & Backpack for groups of kids, talking to parents about the benefits of RPGs in the home, and giving out zines and dice.  Hopefully every kid who comes to our RPG table will get a d20, one of these zines, and a Sword & Backpack rule book (more on that this week).

WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME, THE CONTRIBUTOR?: You’ll be spreading the love of RPGs to the next generation (at least the next generation under me, I know some of you are a million years old), you will be contributing to the fight against illiteracy, and you’ll be inspiring little kids to really use their imaginations.  Plus I will  also release the zine for free on this website, so you will be famous and a hero and probably get a smooch.

GOT SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE? EMAIL ME: I am going to regret putting my email on the internet, but please, if you have a contribution or a question or anything, email me: cecil@swordpeddler.com.  If you don’t hear from me within a day, it means my email is broken.  Ping me on g+.

WANT TO DONATE DICE?:  Have some old dice lying around?  Or maybe your lucky d20 isn’t lucky anymore, and you need to pass the curse along.  We can always use more dice for the event, so email me and I will give you the address of the library and the name of the administrator in charge of this party.  Keep in mind, free comic book day is May 7, if your dice donation can’t make it by May 6th then don’t worry about it, and we’ll appreciate the thought anyways!

I LOVE YOU: I love you too.