Failed Map: Under Thee, Quartztooth Ridge


You may notice a thin white line in this image, sort of stair stepping the place across the base of the mountains.  I can’t get rid of it, and I am too tired of trying.  I may one day re do this map; I certainly plan on reusing some of the designs in it like the mountains.  Love those mountains.  Really kind of hate some of the other stuff in here.  Some location details below. 

This is a chasm in a gravel desert within the shadow of a small range of mountains called the Quartztooth Ridge.  The upper interior of the mountains are exposed and shine a pearlescent white; a namesake.  The area is dismal, all enslaved red goblins and the rakshasa slave lords who spend their days sleeping and fucking while they spend their nights beating and gnashing.  A cave on the second peak from the left houses some hermit who alone knows the true name of some despicable thing lurking.  Some ruins of some thing poke out at the base in between the two leftern most mountains.

On the far right of the map, below the mountains is Blackrock Death Field.  The whole area is a giant quick-gravel (read: quicksand with no sand but lots of gravel, does piercing damage as well as drown you) field; navigate the place by jumping from big giant black boulder to big giant black boulder.  In the center of this earth-trap is three giant, sun bleached rib bones reaching toward the sky.  Each rib is a small tomb, and at the tip-top of each rib bone is a minuscule hole.  At just past 1400 each day (where there are no clouds) the sun will shine a singular beam of light onto the floor of the rib tombs, and at that spot is a button that opens up something terrible and something spectacularly not terrible at the same time.

The chasm.  The chasm is what started this map; I wanted to draw a seemingly bottomless chasm and make it look good.  Make it look like not just a river, or a vagina, or like shit.  I really like the way it came out.  Anyways; this chasm is bottomless and they say those with the right soul and beautiful vision can see through the earth to the stars on the other side.  Lining the chasm walls, however, are a million and three mine entrances.  Rakshasa have been breeding innocent, well behaved, red goblins as slaves to mine precious and long petrified shit that is some how worth something.  Most red goblins are born in the chasm, and few ever see anything other than dirt and blood.  Whenever rebellion is planned, the provocateurs end up lost in the mines before reaching the lifts to the surface.

There is a major city on the edge of the chasm, it is mostly Rakshasa commoners and nobility intermingling with human merchants and murine abolitionists (read sapien rat, mouse, and hamster people) .  The rakshasa and murine are always fighting in the street, mouse-men standing on mouse-men shoulders and wielding four scimitars and it is great swashbuckling.  Like if disney’s Alladin was set in a drive way, and was written by Harriet Tubman and directed by Guy Ritchie.

South the major city is the great Gravel Dunes.  Hidden in the ever moving gravel dunes is an ancient fortress manned by mummies and other undead who do not know that the war is over and they haven’t noticed that they aren’t dead.  Secretly some of them realize it, and act dumb to fit in.  There is also a permanent and quite bitchin’ dust storm always moving through the gravel dunes.  Except it is mostly glass-like shards of rocks and it is electrified for some reason.  Static electricity.

The river to the left (or east, nerds) is swift moving mud and rocks.  It is more likely to perforate your body with tens of dozens of holes.

There is an old tomb across the river.  But it isn’t a tomb, its more like the control panel for a magic rock golem.  A gargantuan rock golem; who’s head is the old tomb.  With the right action, the rock golem will dig her way out of the rocks and maybe the players can control her to step on the murine abolitionist or the rakshasa slavers.

On one plateau is the nest of a giant predatory bird.  On another sits nothing but the increased chance of dying of exposure or falling.  The bird kills prey by vomiting more digested food into the prey’s mouth than the prey can fit inside of their body.  Prey explodes, bird eats it all up again, including the prey’s remains.

There are a few villages, always fighting each other over lost books.

There is a less major city back north, it is Rakshasa nobility only.  They hold public execution on the nearby mesa.

There is a forest of rusted salt mounds to the far east.


I feel like that is a fine half assed write up for a half assed map.


  • Dunkey_Halton

    June 9, 2015 at 12:16 AM

    this map… is good and i like it

    you should feel good about your good map

  • Johnn Four

    June 9, 2015 at 5:41 AM

    This is a great map! I really like the style. I want to cross that chasm and check out that building over yonder.

  • Robert J Schwalb

    June 15, 2015 at 8:01 AM

    Nice job! Love it!

  • chris s

    May 10, 2017 at 2:25 PM

    I tried to remove the lines (I think it sort of worked). I used the Gimp and the clone tool to smooth out the lines.

    You can see it here:

    Good work by the way.