Commissioned Works Are Killing This Website

Not that I ever updated this thing very often to begin with…  Anyways, about two months ago I stopped working a real job, and started working this fake job of makin’ maps of fake places full time.  Since then I haven’t stopped drawing, or lacked for work.  Which is good news for my wallet and shit, but bad news for working on personal elfgame things.  Here are a few maps I recently finished up for the Autarch ‘Lairs & Encounters‘ book they got coming out soon.  If you haven’t nabbed the book through kickstarter or indiegogo, then you should.

CECIL-TREASUREMAP-05The original art order was for the map on a bone rune stick, but rune sticks are tiny little guys so I did it across a few bones tied together. I used water color paints and micron pens on this one. To get the content looking nice and etched in, I laid down whisps of water color, and then went over it in ink, and then back over it with a smidgen more of water color. The runes are actual runes.

CECIL-TREASUREMAP-06This one I used the a couple of different shades of marker to get the water stained look of the parchment and the map details are done in various shades of sepia ink and black ink. The constellations mark various points on the route, and for each one the art order included the number of stars included, and the animal/thing. So I had to come up with the actual constellation shapes. I put the big black circles down on the map, but for the actually stars I got out a white sheet of paper and did them in black, then digitally inverted the color and put them in place. The words are in a mixture of old and new Berber. Counter clockwise, starting from the top left the constellations are Void, Crown, Cawl, Eye, Manticore, Scorpion, Naga, Prince, and Wolf.

To get the birch bark right I used blondwood prismacolor brush tip markers and color pencils and ink, then converted to greyscale in GIMP. All of the detail was done in regular ink. If you zoom in close enough you can find a fallen log that I forgot to ink, just sitting there in pencil. The language is Welsh.

That is what I’ve been up to lately, things are slowing down so hopefully I can kick it into gear and put up some free maps.


  • hellahexi

    April 20, 2016 at 8:53 PM

    I am excited. Both that you found a way to make a living off cartography, and that you’re posting. Happy mapmaking!

    • cecil

      April 25, 2016 at 10:56 PM

      thanks! I will definitely be posting more often!