Another Gross Map

The GM’s map from “A Case Of Consumption” by David Noonan for the Shadow Of The Demon Lord RPG.  Gross y’all. Gross.  water color / archival ink / sepia ink / marker on parchment paper.

Hell Is Gross AF.

  I am probably not going to share the full version of this map publicly, but here is a snippet Robert Schwalb shared earlier… It is a map of Hell from the upcoming ‘Exquisite Agony’ book for Shadow of the Demon Lord. Each skin thing represents a different location in Hell. The vibe I was

A New Thing; Hex 001

Here is a new thing I’ll be doing regularly. Blank hex maps made from this cool hex stamp I found a shitty big box art supply store.  This one is particularly shitty because I was just messing around.  But it will be my new warm up thing.

Reconnecting With Old Loves.

It has been quite a while since I put anything on this site.  I haven’t been totally absent, but mostly I have.  Through the interim I did do some elfgame stuff.  For instance, I got an offer to do an entire book’s worth of cartography for the man-myth Robert J. Schwalb.  I also played some

Waxin’ Kickstarter / Shadow Of The Demon Lord Commission

IT HAS BEEN A WHILE. FUCK. Sorry. Sitting at the top of this post is the latest map I have done.  It is a commission for young Robert J. Schwalb.  If you don’t know who Schwalberto is you are totally lying to yourself because his name is probably in the credits of at least one