Broadsheet: Floral Scythe

This one is straight from my Dustmarrow headcanon and Sword & Backpack game. A thing to note about this: Dustmarrow is a desert type fantasyland, and in the “cosmology” there is a guy named Auwbdohl to round out the myth of where all the magic swords came from. Auwbdohl basically is jealous of people who are destined for great things, whether they are bad things or good things, so he sails the world killing off these folks and turning their blood into magic weapons. He knows who they are because of other magic stuff (his momma is Birth, more on that later). I’ll try to post about Dustmarrow more often. Anyways, here is the Floral Scythe what turns dead things into gardens. Click to embiggen:




This was part of inktober. To see the on-paper version, before the scan, check out my tumblr.