An “Encounter” Area



This was kind of an exercise in scale.  I wanted to do an up close area and see how it turned out.  I really like how it did come out, and likely this is the last map I will digitally trace, from here on out these will all be the original hand drawn maps with minimal edits.  The problem is that a little bit of detail is lost when I start to mess with it in Inkscape.  For instance, those trees lose a smidge of depth in the process.  From here on out I will also be adding grids onto most of the maps.  Anyways, until next time….

The Village of Twofalls



The Village of Twofalls.  I think starting in the middle of this month I am going to stop tracing the maps as SVGs after I scan them.  I am just going to scan them, up the contrast and brightness and shit them on to the internet.  I am also working on a zine.   More on that later.

A Sanctuary


I have been sick, I have had a plethora of computer problems,  I lost internet, my band is in the middle of a large string of shows, and I have been working at my real job non stop.  Here is a sanctuary, or temple, or dungeon.  In the main area is a radiant pool. Of radiance.  Click to enbiggen.


Stealing Shit From G+ and Making It Mine (Ours)



I was stuck at work, iced in.  I had a beer and started scrolling through google plus and I found a blog post from +Ben Trautman over at Lock, Stock, and a Bag of Dice about a septum piercing called a Bone Ward.  Thought I’d give it a go as an illustration.  This particular magical item is body jewelry made from bodies; it provides +2 versus poisons and disease.  The piecing causes 1d4 damage.  I like that.  Thanks Ben for the cool concept and permission to make it cool.  Anyways I drew it out with a pencil I found on the floor at the bar I work at, traced it with my nice pens then scanned it and traced it.  Then I hand-wrote the text, scanned it, colored it, etc.  Lots of fun.

Unkeyed Dungeon: Some Kind Of Cthulhoid, Calcified Rectal Cavity

Verily, this would be some knave’s lair if’n it weren’t just so damn rectal.  I have been very sick with a terribleness these few days and I have gotten nothing done.  This was an old map that I thought looked too much like a digestive tract and sphincter for me to be happy with, but I really can’t let this blog sit dormant in such infancy.  So here it is, for your under-the-earth campaigns and locales; a cave with massive abyss included.

An Unkeyed Dungeon Where There Are Probably Dead Guys



This is most likely a mausoleum of some sort.  It has some overlap with a natural cave system where I imagine there are no bats, but piles of bones from when the crypt fills up.  The little boxes with “c” in them are coffins, and I think the rest is pretty much industry standard.  This is a filler post.  I am sick.

An Unkeyed Map: City on The Sea


If I were going to use this map in my game it would be called Greycove City and it would have some badass street names, and some really in depth descriptions of customs and superstitions and probably some conflict.  But presented here, is an unkeyed map I drew and then scanned, then turned into a png to slap into your own game and you can make up your own shit for it because I have some better things to do right now.  It will fit into your world near the sea, and will likely be a major point of commerce and skullduggery.  Not a whole lot of farming.  You shouldn’t have to do all the work though, so here is a 4d12 system for naming the major streets.

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An Unkeyed Dungeon with a Secret

Imagine if-in the last days of your life were spent digging a tunnel.  Down there each bone pile is a mile marker of sorts, telling us how far a man got in his earth-toilin’ before he keeled over from want of food.  A drunkardly group-full of thieves, murderers, and scoundrels died in that dirt hallway thinkin’ they’d be free on the next spoon stroke.  They’re probably spittin’ in their graves, knowin’ all they did was set the next man through closer to freedom.  Leave somethin’ down there, a gift of thanks to those hopelessly dead, lest you be cursed by their cryin’ mothers.

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