An Unkeyed Map: City on The Sea


If I were going to use this map in my game it would be called Greycove City and it would have some badass street names, and some really in depth descriptions of customs and superstitions and probably some conflict.  But presented here, is an unkeyed map I drew and then scanned, then turned into a png to slap into your own game and you can make up your own shit for it because I have some better things to do right now.  It will fit into your world near the sea, and will likely be a major point of commerce and skullduggery.  Not a whole lot of farming.  You shouldn’t have to do all the work though, so here is a 4d12 system for naming the major streets.

To make it work you roll a d12 four times noting the street type, the two parts of the name, and then the occurrence for which the street begets his name.  You can string the names together any which ways you prefer to get the desired result, and you are to use the name’s history to create the factual history is it would be in your world.

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If rolled the right way, then you could get something pretty bitchin’ like the Cretin’s Ballet Promenade.  This street is named for a love affair which ended in a pauper interrupting a ballet performance, suiciding in front of her lover, the noble, as he spurned her passionate pleas to save societal grace in front of his peers and fellow nobles. (I rolled a 12, a 9, a 3, and a 5.)  You could roll Letter of The Songbird Terrace.  It sounds like a calm route, named for the local custom of attaching to birds love letters before the birds migrate. (a 6, a 5, a 8, and another 6.)