What Is SwordPeddler.com?

This site is now a catch-all for whatever I am working on, as they pertain to elfgames and the ilk. This place started as a website where I was going to publish solo-play adventure game modules using a system called Sword Peddler. There are several drafts of the system and some modules lying around my house, but the system never saw the light of day and I just kind of started posting shit here anyways. Maybe one day I’ll finish that project up. For now, this place is just RPG ephemera.

Who is Cecil?

I am. I’m hesitant to call myself an artist, but technically I am an illustrative cartographer for role playing games and some times other stuff. I have a kid and a wife, and I am a musician. Formerly I was a bartender, and before that I was a production chef and for a long time I was involved with the management, curriculum, and day-to-day of a 501(c)3 non profit for supporting and teaching young’ins about rock music. But now I doodle maps for elf games, and occasionally write things for them too. All of my maps and illustrations are done in traditional mediums (I favor watercolor pencils and thick paper) and scanned. I like making RPG maps that do not look like they are old tattered maps drawn on old tattered parchment, but are actually maps drawn on parchment. (I actually usually use 98# paper most of the time, and parchment paper I leave in the dashboard of my car the other times.)

You can see a partial list of things I’ve contributed to or self-published here, on DriveThru RPG. One of the dumbest things I have ever done on the internet is answer these perfectly good interview questions like an idiot. In art school (sometimes) they ask you to create an artist’s statement and since this is a site about role playing games, I have made an Appendix N of things that are influences on what I do creatively. (or at least I tell myself that)

Appendix N

Quest For Glory: So You Want To Be A Hero [+] – pc game
Godspeed You! Black Emperor [+] – post rock band*
Planescape by Zeb Cook [+] – fictional location for role playing games
Space War Blues by Richard Lupoff [+] – book
Piri Reis [+] – cartographer and admiral, 15/16th century
The Forest Of Doom by Ian Livingston [+]Fighting Fantasy game book
Boxen by C.S. Lewis & W. H. Lewis [+] – book
Civil war [+] – a terrible thing to happen
The Forge of Fury by Richard Baker [+] – adventure for role playing games
Vincent van Gogh [+] – painter
Dwarf Fortress [+] – pc game
100 Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez [+] – book**
Book of Artifacts by Zeb Cook  et al.[+] – book of items for role playing games
The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame [+] – book
Explosions In The Sky [+] – post rock band
Sword & Backback by Gabe Soria [+] – role playing game
Mario Paint [+] – SNES game
Oi tam na gori [+] – Ukranian folk song about birds, love, and a mountain.
The American Southwest [+] – location
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set by Tom Moldvay [+] – role playing game
Cormac McCarthy [+] – author
Almanacs [+] – books
Balkan Folklore and Culture [+] [+] – interesting stuff!

*includes Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band
**Marquez is hands down my favorite author.

 Commissioning A Map

If you’re interested in hiring me to doodle you a map, i’d love to hear from you! Navigate your way over to the contact page and give me a shout.